The challenge in managing mobile employees’ time

Today, with declining margins, strong competition and labour scarcity, it is important to measure its effectiveness and charge for everything that needs to be.

When your teams are mobile, moving from one address to another, from one site to another, or simply working outside your site, it becomes difficult to measure their efficiency and efficiency while collecting the data essential for billing and managing your inventory. If you add to this different hourly rates depending on the time of day, the decrees or the type of employee, the situation can become problematic and the justification to your customers of the hours charged, relatively random, not to mention the time spent by your administrative staff to unravel all this!!

There are several solutions on the market that allow you to do some of the work, if you have less than 5 mobile employees, these will probably meet your needs. All you need to do is transfer your data into your project management to achieve project profitability.

However, if your mobile team has 10 or more players, you should consider an integrated software that will limit transcripts and allow you the real-time management of your teams. Several questions will require answers, for example:

How do you want to manage the time of your mobile employees?

  1. Everyone punches on a task (a “job”) and someone in the office manages irregularities;
  2. Each punches on a task (a “job”) and a team leader on the job validates the punched hours;
  3. The team leader punches his teammates’ hours and his own

How your customers pay for time:

  1. Real-time worked
  2. A fixed labour price (real time is then the cost of that fixed price) EX. Installation $800
  3. Prices include time (Real time then impacts the profitability of the task directly)
  4. All these answers!!

How do your teams travel to the task sites?

  1. You charge a fixed fee to the customer and the real time becomes the cost of this fixed fee
  2. You charge the customer for real travel time
  3. You accumulate this time as part of your general fixed expenses

Many other questions will need to be answered during the project:

  • What information should mobile employees have access to on the job site?
  • Do they have to take pictures, notes?
  • Do we have to share documents with them?
  • Does the client have to sign the work?
  • Do we have points to validate before we finish a job?

Is this all talking to you? Contact us and we can discuss your project!