Our softwares

What we do

No matter what your needs are, we have the suite of software that will fill them… otherwise, we’ll customize it.

Operations management - office equipment and furniture

Managing consumable alerts, service contracts, service calls, special orders with discounts mobile applications for technicians and installers.

Distribution management

Multi-location warehouse, lots, expiry date, automatic inventory rotation, complete management of mobile warehouse operations and more.

Breakdown of work

Whether it’s delivery on orders or invoices, the distribution of service calls by tasks or work orders or the management of work teams, no matter what your needs, we will fill them.

Management for construction

Time management according to decrees, project planning by models, parts, floors, purchasing management according to the steps with reappro time by suppliers, we can go as far as you want.

Management for service companies

Management of service calls with mobile application, electronic signature, vehicle inventory management, customer device management, service contracts with predetermined annual visits… Mobile employee management takes it to the next level.