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Building supplies stores operations management and dispatch

  • Deliveries imported from your current billing system.
  • Yard operations management.
  • Picking ” In store” items separately from other items.
  • Tool to bundle deliveries in “loads” and then assign to an equipement.
  • Tracking on-site deliveries progress.
  • Error control and non-compliance.
  • Essential productivity data.
  • Manages branch’s stock transfers.
  • Tracking the ‘In store” items loading and delivery with notification to the driver’s mobile app.

Dispatch by territory

  • Link between postal codes and delivery territories.
  • Typical delivery sequence by territory for near-automated delivery route.
  • Automatic assignment of new customers to their territory when the postal code is connected.
  • Territory by delivery addresses of the same customer.
  • Dispatch to an equipment then to a driver and a helper if required.
  • Validation of load capacity (including thaw period) when setting roads.
  • Mobile application for driver with integrated delivery tracking.
  • Real-time tracking interface.
  • Email notification to the following customers according to your settings.
  • Management of opening/closing hours with colored notices to the driver.

Sequence dispacth

  • Instant mapping tool to make it easier to dispatch and sequence road deliveries.
  • Route assigned to equipment and a driver.
  • Mobile application for drivers with integrated delivery tracking.
  • Customer electronic signature, payment confirmation, notes, documents, photos.
  • A tool for the driver to view his planned route.
  • Real-time tracking of the day’s progress by a color code based on status..

Employee's dispatch

  • User friendly dispatch interface based on the day and/or the time if required.
  • Distribution by “drag-and-drop.”
  • Color code by status for instant overview.
  • Text notification on new assignments.
  • Access to task information, associated documents, time sheets, photo-taking.
  • Customer’s electronic signature. Automated mailing of the signed work order (after revision).

Our processes

We develop relationships with our customers, then we develop their software

Needs analysis and assessment

We seek to understand you, assess your needs and value them so that you decide what is essential for your business.

Installation and customization

Meetings, discussions, analysis, questions to clarify and identify the details, requirements and expectations in order to develop your options so that they fit your reality.

Training, integration and migration

Various training methods will be offered to meet your needs.

On-site support during migration.

A partner who follows you throughout the growth of your business with solutions clinging to your current and future reality, does that speak to you?