Solution for service companies

What we do

Mobile employee management taken to the next level.

Project management, sub-project, task, work order

  • Create your projects and then your tasks.
  • Combine your quotes, purchases and invoices for accurate, real-time tracking of project progress.
  • Manage documents, photos.
  • Progressive billing on your terms.

Contract management

  • Service contracts.
  • Hours bank contracts.
  • Contracts of entrepreneurship.

Time management

  • Multiple rates per employee.
  • Rate by decree.
  • Report of hours worked for payroll.
  • Productivity report (Hours paid vs. hours worked vs. hours billed).

Profitability by customer, project, task in real time

  • Carry all the numbers for informed tracking.
  • Compare submission to invoices, margins, expected time vs real time, margin… in real time!

Mobile unit inventory management

  • Min-max management.
  • Restocking by transfer from the main warehouse.
  • Validating the stock when assigning tasks.

Budget management

  • Allocate budgets to your project managers to ensure you reach your financial goals.
  • Sub-project budgets accumulated in the project budget.
  • Percentage of fixed fees to reduce project budgets.

Team management

  • Mobile application per employee.
  • Individual time management and validation of the manager.
  • Mobile application by team leader. Time management by the manager for him and his team.
  • Flexibility during absences and delays.
  • Geo-located punches for validation.

Leasing management

  • Equipment rental management
  • Long-term rental with monthly billing.
  • Short-term muti-rate rental (4h-day-week-month) with automatic pricing according to the most advantageous rates.
  • Management of rental availability.
  • Cumul de la rentabilité ccomplète des équipements loués (achats, Cumulative profitability of rented equipment (purchases, inital preparation, maintenance costs, rental income, etc.).

Our processes

We develop relationships with our customers, then we develop their software

Needs analysis and assessment

We seek to understand you, assess your needs and value them so that you decide what is essential for your business.