Replacing your accounting system is not the only option

Your business is growing and your accounting system fails to handle that growth?

Like many companies, there comes a time when growth seems to exceed the capacity of the accounting system: more and more users, needs that have evolved over the years, modules available, but ill-suited to your reality.

The result: after a few years, several aspects of your business are found in spreadsheets and other files for which several versions exist without really knowing which one is completely up to date!

Like many of our customers thought before they met us, you tell yourself that you will have no choice but to replace your accounting system in order to find the one that will best meet your needs without exploding your budget too much!

Soon you’ll think you have only two options:

Buy an accounting system that meets your budget and covers more than the old one, without covering everything, then some more sophisticated aspects of your operations will remain in the files
Explode your budget and buy an accounting software that will cover everything (or almost everything), but some functions are too advanced for your needs or downright useless

We think there is another option: a customized software.

A company that specializes in this type of software will take the time to look at your current project, future needs and requirements in order to offer you a software that will cling to your reality, your pace and at the pace of your budget.

This software will even be able to connect to the existing accounting system and replace it in the vast majority of operations, leaving it needed to produce the financial statements and a few other light functions, making it more than capable of doing the job. It will also limit the number of employees impacted by the change, thereby reducing integration costs.

Will everything be done from phase 1?

It is up to you to decide, based on your priorities and the added value to your operations, each of the options that will be evaluated for you.
Want to do it all in three phases over three years?

No problem, but discuss it from the beginning to make sure that the architecture of Phase 1 will support phases 2 and 3.

What are you waiting for? Contact us, you just found what you were looking for!