Solution for operations management

What we do

Centralize data from your external applications to process everything in one place

Office equipment

Service contract management

  • Multi-devices by contract.
  • Base rate and rate by copy type.
  • Scans invoicing enable.
  • Inclusions and exclusions with a single click.
  • Consumables, alerts and type of cartridges by consumables, by contract’s device.

Consumables management

  • Define whether a consumable requires a technician or if it can be installed by the customer.
  • Setting customer minimums to ensure they are never running out, the system tracks cartridge replacements and deducts inventory from the customer’s device.
  • Possible follow-up on drums, photoconductors and others.

Integrated alerts management

  • Connectivity with copy counts tracking softwares such as Lexmark Fleet Manager.
  • Specific alert thresholds by consumable (may have a different threshold for black powder, yellow, cyan or magenta.
  • Before shipping, check the customer’s other devices with a simple click.
  • Send or create a service call directly from the alert.

Service calls management

  • Mobile application for technicians.
  • Dispatch tasks to technicians by “drag-and-drop.”
  • Contract inclusions invoiced “no charge”.
  • Exclusions invoiced upon customer’s price level
  • Task by work order for statistics per device.

A CRM module adapted to your industry

  • Mobile app for representatives.
  • List devices for a potential customer: contract’s end date, monthly payment, volume by colour.
  • Reminders management.
  • Automatic email filing.
  • Follow-up notes by topic.

Multi-warehouse inventory management

  • Inventory management of service vehicles.
  • Inventory transfers from warehouse to service vehicles.
  • Min-Max and shortages management by warehouse (including service vehicles).
  • Management by serial # and/or tag #.

Office furniture

Project management with specific discounts

  • Define authorized suppliers of the project
  • Set up to 6 discount levels and one margin per supplier and/or product-supplier categories.
  • Quotes linked to the project with price calculation according to the project’s defined discounts and margin.
  • Import quote details via an Excel extraction of external quoting software.

Special orders management

  • Generic special order products that are linked to a supplier, their product number and list price.
  • Purchase order linked to installation/delivery task.
  • Receiving informations of the different purchase orders linked to the task available within the dispatch interface.

A mobile app to handle the installations

  • Time and travel management for the team by the team leader.
  • Receiving goods at the installation site.
  • End-of-day step to identify what has been done and what remains to be done.
  • Electronic signature.

Our processes

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Needs analysis and assessment

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